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Lulu’s Mobile, your trusted partner for all automotive locksmith needs in Irving, TX and the DFW area. With over 2 years of experience, our dedicated team of skilled technicians is committed to delivering exceptional service for every vehicle security and access challenge you might face.

Whether you’re locked out of your car, need a replacement key, or require ignition repair, our experts have got you covered. We understand that emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we provide Same day assistance assistance. With our rapid response you’re never stranded for long

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We provide automotive locksmith services throughout Irving, TX, and the entire DFW area.

Yes, we can create a new car key from scratch, even if you’ve lost all original copies.

Absolutely! We specialize in transponder key programming and key fob replacement for various car models.

Yes, we offer both repair and replacement services for car ignitions to ensure your vehicle starts smoothly.

Can't get into your premium vehicle? Don't panic. Our European car lockout service experts can help with lockouts for a variety of brands. Count on us when you need a specialty car lockout services for your...

Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Maserati, Porsche, Saab, Volkswagen,
Volvo, Mini Cooper,  Fait, Jaguar, Alfa Romero, Smart, Ferrari.

Don't see your brand here? Call us to inquire on what we may have in the works! If you're having trouble finding a locksmith to help you get back into your vehicle, look no further.For the most immediate car lockout services, reach out to our team now

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Lulu’s Mobile, our team of highly trained technicians specializes in a comprehensive range of auto locksmith services. Whether you require new car keys or immediate assistance with a locked vehicle, we’re your trusted partner. Our fast and reliable car locksmith services are always available when you need them

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Same day  emergency service ensures you have immediate assistance for any locksmith situation.

Car Lockout:

Experiencing a car lockout can be incredibly frustrating, but it’s crucial to stay calm to avoid causing harm to your vehicle. Our expert locksmiths in automotive locksmith utilize a variety of specialized tools to safely open your car, whether you’ve locked your keys inside, broken a key in the lock, or simply misplaced them. While many people think of the slim jim as a go-to tool for unlocking cars, it’s only effective for vehicles with upright-style locks. This method requires finesse, as it involves navigating through a door’s complex wiring and electronics.

More commonly, we use wedges to create an opening in the door that allows us to access the lock from the inside. Once the wedge is in place, a Lasso Tool can be used to manipulate upright door locks by grasping and pulling the lock upwards. For cars with push or slide buttons, a rod may be employed.

We also employ specialized tools, such as the Japanese Tool and Auto Buster, to handle various lock types and designs. These tools allow us to safely and efficiently open your car without causing any damage.

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Car Key Replacement:

If you find yourself without a functioning key, we can generate a replacement key for your car. Our code machine allows us to cut a new key based on code, making it ideal for lost keys or situations where you don’t have a spare. Having an extra key at home or with a trusted friend or family member provides added protection against lockouts, ensuring you’re never stranded. The time required for key replacement varies depending on the key’s complexity

Car Key Cutting:

Car key cutting is a precise process that utilizes specialized machines. These machines use metal cutting tools to shape the key, with the key cutter’s blade being harder than the key’s metal. We often work with brass keys due to their machinability and resistance to weathering. Our key cutter ensures a perfect fit for your car’s locks.

Duplicate Car Keys:

Duplicate car keys play a vital role in preventing lockouts. Duplicating a key requires a working key, and our experienced auto locksmiths use a key duplicator for this task. This process ensures a precise copy of the key that will work seamlessly with your car’s locks

Key Fob Replacement:

Key fobs offer convenience and security, but when they malfunction or get lost, it can be frustrating. Our expert auto locksmiths can replace your key fob, ensuring you can lock, unlock, and even start your vehicle without hassle

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Transponder Key Programming:

Transponder keys enhance vehicle security by sending a coded message to the car’s ignition. If you’re having trouble with your transponder key, our auto locksmiths can troubleshoot and reprogram it to ensure smooth operation.

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Car Key Extraction:

When your key becomes stuck or breaks in your car’s lock, our experienced locksmiths can safely remove it without causing damage to your vehicle. We use specialized tools like broken key extractors and employ techniques to gently extract the key

Ignition Cylinder Replacement

Issues with your car’s ignition cylinder can lead to problems starting your vehicle. Whether it’s a worn key, pins, or an ignition switch problem, our professional auto locksmiths can diagnose and replace the ignition cylinder if necessary, ensuring your car starts reliably

Ignition Switch Replacement:

The ignition switch plays a crucial role in starting your vehicle. If it’s malfunctioning, our skilled auto locksmiths can replace it, ensuring your car operates smoothly.

Rekey Ignition:

Rekeying your car’s ignition is a valuable service that allows you to use a single key for all locks. Our expert locksmiths can rekey your ignition, providing convenience and eliminating the need for multiple keys

Locked Keys In Trunk:

Keys accidentally locked in the trunk of your car can pose a challenge, but rest assured that our experienced auto locksmiths can retrieve them without causing harm to your vehicle. Regardless of your car’s make or security system, our professional locksmiths are up to the task. In most cases, unlocking the trunk is similar to a standard car lockout, where we open the car door and use the manual trunk release. However, some cars with advanced security features may require more intricate techniques, but we have the expertise to handle them.